Luxury made a little easier

We think everyone deserves a little luxury in their life. That's why we offer a range of promotions and incentives designed to make things a little easier for a variety of visitors including last-minute bookings, holidaymakers who plan well ahead or those returning guests who simply can't resist the lure of Miskawaan's charms.

Long-term packages

We know from experience that once they've enjoyed everything Miskawaan has to offer, our guests are always reluctant to leave. Our long-term packages give great discounts for extended visits - the longer you stay, the more you save.

  • 7 - 13 nights 5% Discount
  • 14 - 29 nights 10% Discount
  • 30 nights plus 15% Discount

Offer not available during Christmas/New Year periods (15th December - 10th January)

Early bird discount

The sooner you book, the more time you have to look forward to your visit. Our early bird discount is perfect for those who like to plan ahead.

  • 5% Discount for bookings 120 days plus, prior to arrival
  • Offer can be used during High and Prime Season only and can be used in conjunction with the Long Term Promotion
  • Not available during Christmas/New Year periods (15th December - 10th January) nor during Intermediate Season (15 May - 30 June, 1 September - 14 December)
  • For new bookings only
  • Not available for bookings already confirmed with deposit or balance payment received

Returning guest

Upon your return to Miskawaan Luxury Beachfront Villas, you may redeem your Gift Voucher of US$100 per night from your previous stay.

  • Credit is valid for 24 Months as of the date of departure
  • Voucher can only be utilized for guests next stay
  • Voucher can only be used for accomodation only
  • Voucher is valid for all seasons
  • Voucher is transferable to a friend and/or colleague upon written confirmation
  • Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash

(Offer available for all Seasons and may be combined with other promotions / discounts where allowed. Offer subject to availability. Eligible for all guests who have been staying at Miskawaan from 01 March 2010 onwards)

Special promotion - 'Just a Moment at Miskawaan'

Ideal for those on a tight schedule, this discount puts shorter stays well within your reach.

  • Stay 4 nights - Pay 3
  • Stay 5 nights - Pay 4
  • Stay 6 nights - Pay 5
  • Stay 7 nights - Pay 6
  • Stay 8 nights - Pay 6
  • Stay 9 nights - Pay 7
  • Stay 10 nights - Pay 8
  • Stay 11 nights - Pay 9
  • Stay 12 nights - Pay 9
  • Stay 13 nights - Pay 10
  • Stay 14 nights - Pay 11
  • Stay 15 nights - Pay 12
  • Stay 16 nights - Pay 12

(Offer is used in cumulative basis i.e. Stay 8 days - Pay 6 or Stay 12 days - Pay 9. Offer is available during Intermediate season only, 15 May - 30 June, 1 September - 14 December. Promotion is for new bookings only.)


As a previous guest, we know that there is no one who knows our villas and services better than you. When you share your experience with friends and family, you may redeem your Referral Voucher of US$100 for every night that your family and friends book.


  • The Referral Scheme is valid for new bookings only, made from 1st May 2012
  • Voucher will be sent via email upon family/friends' departure
  • Voucher will be sent to the person who made the original booking
  • Voucher value is USD100 per paid night
  • Voucher is valid for 2 years from 30 days after the date of friend's departure
  • Voucher is valid on Miskawaan accommodation only
  • Voucher can be passed to someone else with written confirmation
  • Voucher is valid for all seasons.
  • Only one person can refer and receive the referral voucher for a particular booking
  • Only one referral voucher can be used per booking

(Offer available for all Seasons and may be combined with other promotions / discount where allowed. Offer subject to availability.)

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